Tommy Cafe

As you all know, I’m a caffeine addict. I really enjoy visiting great coffee shops that aren’t your regular cup of Starbucks – ok ok…I do love myself a cup of Starbucks but you get what I’m saying right? Tommy opened up not too long ago and it’s become quite the popular coffee hang out spot due to it’s gorgeous interior decor. It reminds me of a “museum coffee shop”. The ceilings are sky high and have vines hanging from them.

One cannot forget their large beautiful windows that are surrounded by the whole shop. It’s definitely one of  the most photographed coffee shops in Montreal (perfect for those Instagrammers out there).

The food is also pretty good. I stepped in for brunch and had their breakfast sandwich filled with LOTS of scrambled eggs, sliced apples, lettuce, cheese and a few other ingredients. I ate it so fast, it was delicious and very filling. They also serve a bunch of pastries including a chocolate cronut! They also serve those edible chocolate wafer cups whenever you order a macchiato although, they do run out of them fast so it’s always a hit or miss. I got so excited once I discovered that they serve their macchiato’s in that wafer cup because it reminded me of the time I visited Alfred Coffee Shop it LA. Glad to see Montreal is finally incorporating those kind of fun things 🙂

I enjoyed Tommy however, on busy days it’s really hard to find a spot to sit down because well, who wants to leave such a beautiful coffee shop?

200 Notre-Dame Ouest

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