Tear-Away Pants + New Tattoo

Feeling like I’m back in my high school days with the new tear-away or snap pants trend. I’m not going to lie, I’m loving it.

I got this pair from Aritzia. I had seen them online but they kept getting sold out since last spring. I finally got my hands on a pair a few months ago when they restocked. They’re sold pretty much everywhere now, all brands on hopping on the snap pant trend. I love that they have snaps all the way until the top, giving you the freedom to choose the look you want. I paired it with a backless bodysuit and my platform Superga’s – which I am obsessed with! definitely gives me Spice Girls vibes. The name of this style pant is called SALISH. I’ve included the link below.

I’ve seen girls un-buttoning their tear-away pants until the top, only leaving 1 or 2 snapped at a lot of music festivals.It looks pretty cool, kind of like you’re wearing a sexy open legged skirt. I also got the new Quay X Kylie sunglasses in the PURPLE HONEY style. I couldn’t decide between the yellow lenses and the olive ones so I got both. I’m loving their shape, it’s so different. Gives it a vintage yet modern feel.

I got 2 new tattoos while I was in LA this summer by NAL at Cultural Image Tattoo. Because they are single needle tattoos, they tend to fade away faster. They’re extremely delicate, it looks like someone drew them on using a pencil. I got a rose right above my elbow (pictured above) and another one located on my inner arm that says “Just Be” all stuck together in cursive. I already need a touch up for both because they faded out pretty quickly. I love that now I have a few that are deeper and these 2 newer ones are lighter, makes a nice contrast.


Photographed by Andree-Anne Perrenne