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Tommy Cafe

As you all know, I’m a caffeine addict. I really enjoy visiting great coffee shops that aren’t your regular cup of Starbucks – ok ok…I do love myself a cup of Starbucks but you get what I’m saying right? Tommy opened up not too long ago and it’s become quite the popular coffee hang out spot due to it’s gorgeous interior decor. It reminds me of a “museum coffee shop”. The ceilings are sky high and have vines hanging from them.

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Myriade coffee shop

We all love ourselves a great cup of coffee and Café Myriade makes one of the best coffees in town (in my opinion). After the closing of Club Monaco in Les Cours Mont-Royal, they’ve re-opened right across the street on Ste-Catherine St.W. The upscale store resembles their flagship store in New York on Fifth Ave. You can find Café Myriade downstairs where the men’s section is located.
All of Club Monaco is beautifully decorated in creamy pearl whites which makes the store very bright and lively. Even Myriade consist of the same colour schemes. It’s the perfect shopping break spot! They even have books on display for sale inside the coffee shop.
Aside from serving coffee, they also serve little baked goods to accompany your beverage such as cookies, croissants, brioches etc. They also serve baguettes from Hof Kelsten and little goodies on display to take home (Honey, jam, granola, oils) from Patisserie Rhubarbe and Société-Orignal.
Café Myriade soy latte with a side of an oatmeal, raisin and coconut cookie
Everything in this 2 story boutique is perfection. Clearly the interior decorator and visual merchandiser know what they are doing. If you haven’t already checked out the new Club Monaco, mark it down on your to-do list! 
1000 Ste-Catherine St.W
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