Soubois Brunch

Brunch is a blessing. It’s always something to look forward to every week. As a lover of food, brunch is one of my favourite meals. A weekend isn’t complete without it…anyway, you get my point right?

On Sunday, Soubois launched their brunch menu. Yes, it’s a nightclub, but now they also serve brunch on Sundays from 11am-4pm. Isn’t it great? As the party girl that I am, I can now party at Soubois on a Saturday night then wake up on Sunday and go back for brunch. It’s kind of genius, one might even consider sleeping there if that’s possible 😛

I have to admit, it felt strange at first entering the club during the day for brunch, but once inside, I ordered my soy latte (with a side of bloody Caesar to cure the Sunday Hangover) and felt right at home.


Their menu had so many options, we had to get one of each! fresh fruit, egg white, yogurt parfait, steak and egg, lobster champagne, eggs benedict, the list goes on! I have to say, out of everything that I tasted, my favourites were the blueberry ricotta pancakes, the compton grilled cheese and the yogurt and granola plate.


I mean, look at those pancakes!! I fell in love. So luscious and fluffy, I can’t get enough. We had to order two plates of these pancakes because I wanted one all to myself- guilty.


You’re probably wondering what the above plate is. I ordered the yogurt and when the waiter brought it, I was pleasantly surprised. I had never seen such a fancy plate of yogurt and granola like this before. The yogurt even had this fluffy/ whipped consistency to it which I fell in love with. I devoured this plate in a few minutes. The granola was soft and tender as well. If I could, I would have this plate for breakfast every day, it’s SO good!


All in all, this brunch was a solid 10/10. I enjoyed every bite. They also serve sides for those who would like some extras such as; home fries, bagels, smoked salmon, fresh fruit and toast. I can’t wait to head back for brunch here, as DJ Khaled always says ” They don’t want you eating all this good food, Bless Up!”


1106 Maisonneuve Blvd W, Montreal, Québec H3A 1M7