Positano 2016

positano view

This summer, July was a magical month. I traveled to Europe for nearly a whole month and it felt amazing! Today, I’m going to share my photos with you from Positano and the Amalfi Coast.

positano beach

Arriving into Positano was magical, I had never seen anything like this in my entire life. It felt like stepping into a dream, didn’t seem real at all. Upon entering, it feels like a cave surrounded by beautiful colourful houses. One thing is for sure, you never get tired waking up to this view. Although, I stayed in Positano for 9 days, it seemed like a really long time, next time I would cut my stay shorter because there isn’t that much to do. It’s more of a relaxation retreat island type of vibe.

The beaches are beautiful, there are a few of them throughout the Amalfi Coast. It’s easy to get around, all you have to do is take boats to any island you wish to visit.

positano ice cream

Ice cream is everywhere in Europe, it’s inevitable and impossible to not eat it. I think my friends and I had some practically every day 😛 They all tasted so amazing and homemade. Although, my favourite was the lemon sorbet gelato that is actually served in an actual lemon. It was so fresh and tasty! The shopping was also great in Positano, my favourite store was by a local designer in Positano; Antica Sartoria. They had so many boho beach outfits, it was amazing , we wanted t buy the whole store.

lemon sorbet

house in positano

scotch and soda kaftan

This Scotch and Soda throw came in handy in Europe! I wore it over my bathing suit all the time and the fact that they have pompoms all over, sold me! Pompoms were everywhere in Italy, it’s such a big trend over there. I’m sure we’ll see a lot more of pompoms here in Canada by next summer.

La fontellina capri

We sailed to Capri twice. One full day we spent at La Fontellina Beach Club. It’s a fancy beach club where you can lay in the sun on their private beach and grab lunch and/or dinner. The prices are expensive, I’m not going to lie, but it definitely is worth it for the experience, the great tasting food, oh and the awesome photos that you’ll take over there. All of their parasols are blue, reminds me of a Gray Malin kind of picture.

Capri water

The water is such a beautiful deep blue in Capri. We swam in it all day at La Fontellina.

boat day girls

We also went to Amalfi on our boat day. The views were so amazing. My friends and I got boat sick, I never thought I would get boat sick but I guess that’s what you get for spending 8 hours on a boat…Luckily a few of us brought ginger pills  which saved our lives. The motion sickness we experienced during dinner was not fun haha That night, we dined at Chez Black. My lasagna was the best I had ever tasted! Oh, and we happened to be eating dinner right infant of Gerard Butler. He was in Positano at the same time as us. We bumped into him a few times during our trip which was fun.

dinner positano

Above is a picture of a home cooked Italian meal by my friends. We stayed in for dinner one night and cooked some pasta. Nothing like making a fresh meal with local italian ingredients. We had rented the most stunning house in Positano that we found on Home Away . I loved waking up to the gorgeous view of Positano every morning.

boat day girls

tre sorelle

One of my favourite restaurants was Le Tre Sorelle. Located right by the beach, they had a variety of seafood, pasta, pizza, meat, anything you wanted. Everything was absolutely delicious. I definitely recommend it. Positano is not only known or their lemons, but they are also known for their beautiful tiles and hand painted plates. Pictured above, you can see that each plate has a different design. They were all so cute, I felt like taking them home with me. They have a bunch at local souvenir shops, that’s where we got ours from.

All in all, Positano was amazing, it felt great to go to the beach everyday and just relax. It’s very hot in July so I would recommend going when the heat isn’t as extreme. Especially with allllll of those stairs you will constantly have to go up and down just to get around 😛 it’s something to get used to, think of it as a good workout lol