Ottawa Eats

I’ve been taking a few road trips to Ottawa lately with my best friend. When we are both free during the day, we will plan little getaways to get our minds refreshed…we also love and will travel for food!

They have such great coffee shops and these cute tiny restaurants! We wanted to eat everywhere that day. One of my favourite spots that opened up not too long ago is Arlington Five coffee shop.



It reminded me of something I would see in those southern countries such as Texas or South Carolina. Inside it’s so cozy, I could stay there all day! They also have the coolest graffiti walls on the sides of their building. The staff is super friendly and they serve really good coffee too! If you’re in Ottawa, you must pay them a visit.






(Above is one of the graffiti wall from Arlington Five coffee shop)

My bestie and I also discovered THE coolest donut shop in Ottawa: Suzy Q Doughnuts. We had such a hard time finding it because it’s a tiny wooden shack in the middle of nowhere. Once we found it, we were so excited! Upon entering, it was donut HEAVEN! They had trays and trays of the most amazing flavoured donuts. Caramelized almonds, London fog (yes, as in the tea latte), cookies n’ cream, fruit loops, coconut , carrot cake crumble…the list goes on! I had such a hard time choosing the last 2 of my box of 6. Suzy Q was so packed with people, I never knew there was such a high demand for donuts…I guess I’m not the only one who obsesses about them 😛

How Amazing do those donuts look?? They were just as good as they look let me tell ya! I’m clearly going to go back to Ottawa to get more of these bad boys. Reminded me of California Donuts back in Los Angeles.

Suzy Q Doughnuts is located on 991 Wellington St. W Ottawa. If you check out their instagrammed pictures, you will freak out, they look so edible just by viewing pictures!