Finally showing you the spots I hit up while I was in NYC back in November! While I did way too much in the 4 days that I was there, I’ll be sharing with you the ones I enjoyed the most.


First off, I want to talk about this red Champion reverse weave hoodie. I have been looking for it everywhere and it’s always sold out! I finally found a bunch of them at Zumiez, a cool streetwear shop, there are a bunch in New York so if you’re into streetwear I suggest hitting up that store. I’m wearing a size Large because I wanted it to be oversized and as a dress in the summer. I stayed at The Row hotel (the photo of the city view from above). It’s located next to Times Square which is great but can get pretty noisy at times. For all the areas that I visited, it was a little out of the way. I would consider staying more south such as Soho, Nolita or Lower East side because that’s where all the bars, coffee shops and good restaurants are. Even Brooklyn is close to my heart, they have a bunch of cool places there and it’s much more quiet – less of a touristic vibe which is what I love.


Epistrophy is a tiny cute restaurant located in Nolita. I went for brunch and the food is AMAZING! Their avocado toast has watermelon shavings on top, I was sold! Every street in Nolita had the perfect aesthetic for shops and restaurants, definitely one of my favourite areas in NYC.

Freeman’s is also a very popular hidden restaurant ( popular on instagram 😛 ). In order to find it, you have to go through a long alleyway that is packed with graffiti and street art on all of the brick walls. I’d suggest going in the daytime that way you can appreciate the art.

Also in the heart of Nolita, is L’appartement by Sezane. It’s the cutest boutique where at the entrance, they have a tiny area to sit down and enjoy a few pastries with some tea or coffee. They even have a photobooth at the back where you can take photos and print them out as souvenirs for free. Definitely a stop when you’re in Nolita.