My Favourite New Skincare Line by Jouviance

My skincare routine is constantly changing. I’m always trying out new products, testing which new serums and lotions will work  best on my skin. Recently, I’ve stumbled upon Jouviance. A Canadian skincare line that targets anti-aging with the use of glycolic acid.

They’re amazingly gentle on your skin, there is 0% irritation or redness upon usage. All of their products leave you with a beautiful glow. I just started using their products for about 3 weeks now and I’m hooked! My pores have gotten visibly smaller, my skin has a dewy glow to it and best of all, it has cleared my skin from acne which is pretty amazing considering that I’ve literally tried almost everything to fix/treat it.

The Soft Peel Lotion: This is my #1 product that I currently cannot live without. It’s perfect for those of you who have mild acne. You apply a small amount all over your face after cleansing and applying your serum. Within a week you will notice that your pores and fine lines are diminished. Your acne will become noticeably smaller and there won’t be anymore redness to your skin, it’s amazing! I pair this product with their Soft Peel Mask for extra results.

The Soft Peel Mask: I use the Jouviance exfoliating mask once to twice a week depending on how good my skin looks and feels. I apply it to a clean face for about 10-15 minutes then rise off. What I like most about this mask is that it won’t dry and get hard the way clay does thanks to it’s non-drying formula. It instantly brightens and renews the skin.

Shop my anti-blemish routine here

All of these products will become available to shop in January at all Pharmaprix’s. After their launch, it will then be available in most drugstores.