Lavender Field

ray bans

Last month, I payed a few visits to lavender farms. I don’t know why lately but I’m always in the mood to take my car and hit the road for a little road trip somewhere up north. I guess it’s just been my vibe lately, I’m not even interested in beaches, I’d rather be up north by the lake, at a chalet. All to say, I went to 2 lavender farms. One that was 2 hours away in Magog Bleu Lavende and another one located in Saint-Eustache La Maison Lavende.

I noticed that a lot of people get confused with the 2 of them. I know at first, I did! The one located in Magog is a way bigger field, in my opinion the Bleu Lavende farm is prettier than La Maison Lavende. Although, they do offer the same kind of products in their stores even their famous lavender greek yogurt…I still think about how amazing it was!

*The pictures of this blog post are all from the lavender farm in Saint-Eustache called La Maison Lavende*

I had put some blue in my hair on the ombre area last month, it looked cute at the lavender farm although you can’t see it too well in these photos because I’m standing directly in the sunlight which makes it look more on the purple side. I had put the L’Oreal Colorista in Blue #600.

The blue was sooo hard to remove! I got very annoyed, even my hairdresser got upset at me for putting it lol

Even though the colour was semi-permanent, it washes out to an aqua-green colour…yes, I had a green tint to my blonde ombre which took forever to come out after countless glosses and I had to add brown low-lights as well. I loved the results of the blue, I just hated how the colour washed off to an aqua green. I didn’t have this problem when I used the pink Colorista. It actually made my blonde hair nicer, to an ashier blonde. I guess blue is just a difficult colour.

Anyways, back on track to the lavender field 😛 They also serve lavender lemonade which I didn’t get the chance to try! Unfortunately it is no longer lavender season therefore, the fields are now empty but you can still visit, you just won’t see any lavender. I would still visit even though because you can have an outdoor picnic, buy their lavender products at their on site shop and just go to clear your mind and relax. It’s a great concept.


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Photographed by Andree-Anne Perrenne