The craze of the nipple top is everywhere #FreeTheNipple .I’m not even sure who started it but I believe it was Diesel, about a year ago. I got mine from my girlfriends clothing line called She’s No Rookie. What first started out as a fun, pass time Instagram account, quickly grew into the ultimate GRL PWR account! Then she recently launched a few items on her website to shop.

I’m obsessed with their oversized sweaters, I have two that I constantly wear weather it be out or hanging with friends. I’m even considering wearing it when travelling on a plane because it’s that comfy.

I love that there is an “X” on the nipple area of the t-shirt because all the other models just have the nipple which makes this one different. I paired it with loose deep green culottes and my Adidas slides for a laid-back summer look.

My latest tiny addition to my ink fam is this GRL PWR tattoo(stands for Girl Power). My friend @Mtlknox (on Instagram) gave me a little late birthday gift. I love the area, because I’ve always wanted something behind my arm that people can see when standing behind me. Most of my tattoos are just for fun. They don’t necessarily have a deep meaning to them but I figured ever since The Spice Girls, I was an avid fan of being strong, independent and working hard to achieve all your goals in life. It’s hard having a full time job and also having a blog on the side. Especially as time passes every year, the blog continues to grow and that means more and more work which I am grateful for. Sure there are times when I’m exhausted after work and want to just go to bed but when you really enjoy what you do, you will want to do it even though you’re tired. I’m also a supporter for women’s rights, or should I say human rights. Back in high school, I was part of the popular girl crew. Sure we had fun times but throughout the years it quickly made me question if I was really like these girls that I was hanging out with. We made fun of people, made jokes and said “ew” to people, thought we were better than most other people and rarely let others into the “crew”. By the time I got to secondary 5, I realized that it wasn’t cool and I was not into it anymore. I noticed that I was changing and I constantly got into fights with those girls because I didn’t agree with their ways. I didn’t agree with their way of thinking and it was immature and unnecessary. I quickly broke off from that crew and I’m glad I did because I grew into such a better person today because of it. Those are a few of the reasons why I choose to get it tattooed.