Ê.A.T at the W Hotel

Every time a new restaurant opens, you know that I must put it down on my to do list, especially when it’s at the W Hotel! On Sunday, I grabbed my sister out of bed, and we drove all the way downtown to experience their brunch. Ê.A.T stands for “Être Avec Toi” in french, this stands for “to be with you”.

This new restaurant offers a dining experience like no other. It’s also an art gallery featuring paintings, murals and sculptures from various artists. One of them which I personally love ; Stikki Peaches. You’ll notice his artwork on random walls in the downtown area, especially the Old Port.


When I entered Ê.A.T, I was in awe of the white room filled with art work. The street art inspired murals really got my attention. While I was waiting for my food, I couldn’t help but look around at everything, so much eye candy 😛

I fell in love with their concept of portable, moving karts for their champagne/mimosas and their croissants and pastries. They literally have every topping for your croissant. A variety of jams and of course NUTELLA!!! I felt like a kid in a candy store. Oh did I forget to mention that they also serve a cake pop station…yup that’s right. They come with sides of toppings such as chocolate, crushed pretzels, tiny chocolate balls and coconut flakes. You guys know how i feel about sugar…yes, I was in heaven on Sunday,that’s all I have to say!



Their menu generally focuses on seafood, but if you’re not into that, there’s a lot of other options. I was in the mood for waffles that day, therefore, I decided to go with their Banana Dream waffles. It was perfect! topped with caramelized bananas and maple candied pecans, chantilly, a few berries and chocolate. Prior to that, we had a few of their appetizers such as the duck with foie gras, smoked salmon and deep fried bacon dim sum. Everything was amazing and very tasty. It felt like such a sophisticated way to brunch.

My all time favourite plate though, would have to be the following below…


Their SEAFOOD POUTINE! I died and went to heaven when I tasted this poutine. It’s THE poutine of the poutines out there. I’ve never tasted such perfection in one plate. They threw in a bunch of amazing seafood and that sauce, I’ll never forget, a white wine butter sauce. I fell in love, I couldn’t finish my plate which made me very angry because it was perfect. I cannot stop dreaming of this plate. I will vow to order it every time I eat at Ê.A.T!


This place is fabulous. Such a great restaurant for those who want a fun dining experience with a great ambiance. I can definitely see myself having a fun Sunday brunch outing here for birthdays, it’s perfect.

For more information, visit their website here