Double Trouble Fashion Bloggers

Having friends is great, but having friends who are also fashion bloggers such as yourself is even BETTER! My friend Priyanka (on the left side) has recently started her own blog: Pret a Priyanka. We met in fashion school at LaSalle College a few years ago.

We recently got closer because my younger sister works at the same office as Priyanka does. A few weeks ago, we decided to go shoot for our blogs in the Old Port in Montreal. Luckily my younger sister came along and she was able to take pictures of the both of us together. The pictures of us taken together came out soooo nice! I’m considering shooting together more often because it makes the photo much more interesting and diverse. They look like they came out of a catalogue..I’m obsessed with them!

My sister has gotten pretty darn good at taking pictures now, all thanks to Pri and I always asking her to take our photos 😛

I decided to wear my lace-ups (while I can due to the colder winter months coming soon) and Pri wore her Stans. We both wore hats that day which worked out perfectly for our pictures.

I wore one of my comfiest blouses from Bella Dahl however, it gets wrinkled very fast. That’s the only thing I hate about it. Hence why it looks wrinkled…I swear it was steamed beforehand!

I also added a navy blue bandana around my neck as a scarf. I’m going though a bandana phase right now, I always add them to certain outfits wether it be to bags, around my neck or arms or even ankles. You can do so much with it and have fun. It’s all about experimenting what looks good on you. I scored this Forever 21 coat for 100$! I love finding good deals. Everyone always mistakes my plastic clutch for an Olympia but it’s actually from Zara 2 years ago. I still get compliments whenever I wear it cause it’s not something you normally see. People get so amazed with it and start analyzing it when they see it, it’s actually really funny! The only downfall to having plastic boxed clutches is that if it falls down…it might crack and break.

I’m really into light coloured hats at the moment. Anything neutral or even pastel coloured will catch my eye. I’m over the black hats, I wore mine so much last year that I refuse to put it back on. Stay tuned for more pictures of Priyanka and I in the future, we definitely will be getting together to shoot more looks together. Why have 1 blogger when you can have 2 🙂

Coat: Forever XXI|Blouse: Bella Dahl|Pants & Clutch: Zara|Shoes: Aldo|Hat & Neck Scarf: Asos