My current face serum routine

Finally I get around to doing a beauty post for you guys 🙂

Today I will be sharing my favourite face serums with you, wether it be for daytime or nighttime routine.

Jouviance is more of a lotion however, I always apply it right before my moisturizer therefore, I consider it to be a face serum 😛 This stuff is the bomb! I’m always looking for products that aid with acne because I have a tiny amount but it’s still annoying to have that 1 or 2 little bumps on you face. This Jouviance lotion keeps my face clear all while treating current blemishes that are already on my face. It minimizes the size and doesn’t let them grow which I love. It says to apply it twice a day but I only apply it at nights.

Another favourite is Lancome Visionnaire. Ok, I know it says its use is mainly for wrinkles but once you hit your mid 20’s I think everyone should start to take care of their “baby winkles” because it only gets worse as you age. It’s important to treat and keep your skin hydrated. I apply this serum only at night and it visibly shrinks my pore size. I also find that it keeps my face clear of future break outs which is a plus. I’m hooked on this stuff, my sister bought it for me and it’s one of those “I’ll love you forever” type of gifts! I’ll definitely be repurchasing it once it’s done. And a little goes a long way with this serum.

A bang for your buck is this new Nivea Q10 anti-wrinkle line. It has these cool round beads inside. My face always looks refreshed the following day when I apply this before bedtime. I’ve only used it a few times but so far, it’s pretty good.

Palmetto Derma is a brand I discovered thanks to Laritzy Box. It’s a box where you receive monthly subscriptions for all vegan beauty products. I love to use this serum in the morning before applying my make-up on because it contains vitamin C & E which gives a nice boost of radiance once applied to your face. Keeps my skin looking young AND it’s all natural 🙂

Ok so I saved the best for last : Mad Hippie! Lately, I’ve been trying to get more into natural products, wether it be food or beauty products. You just feel better using them and knowing that you’re not putting garbage on your face or into your body. This serum contains Vitamin A and coffee berry. I apply this white milky serum at night, I always alternate between this one and the Lancome Visionnaire serum. They’re both gold in my eyes. My skin has never looked better now that I use these products on my face. Sure it’s great to take daily vitamins but it’s also important to apply them straight to your face for added benefits. This serum clears my face, makes my wrinkles less noticeable and all around gives my skin that youthful appearance. My skin has been looking amazing lately even without make-up thanks to these guys.

Of course you can’t forget to moisturize after applying serums to your face. I never knew they were so vital in maintaining your skin’s natural radiance. I’m hooked on face serums.

What are your favourite serums?