Compartes Chocolate Bars

compartes chocolate bar

For those who know me, know that I love food, it’s simple. The moment where I see something that catches my eye, it’s game over, I need to give it a try. Last summer, I discovered Compartes chocolate bars when I was visiting Los Angeles.

I knew what they were all about prior to walking into the store (thanks to their famous Instagram page). One day while my sister and I were grabbing coffee at Alfred’s on Melrose, we noticed that it had a connecting room to Compartes! We got so excited, we didn’t know which ones to choose. They had every flavour. Compartes always comes out with new flavours and of course their classic ones such as their birthday cake, matcha green tea, cereal bowl, pina colada, pink elephants, donut & coffee..etc the list goes on. I always stock up on these bars when traveling to California.

compartes pink elephants

Most of their chocolates are made with Dark cocoa but there are so many cool things inside like: sprinkles, cookies, cake, wafers and other toppings – that you don’t really taste the dark chocolate. It’s perfect.

My go-to flavours so far are the Pink Elephants – slightly biased because they are made with my favourite animal cookies (I always buy them at Target because they don’t sell them here in Montreal 🙁 ), the Campfire bar which tastes like S’mores, and their famous Cereal Bowl because it’s made with my favourite cereal LUCKY CHARMS!

pink elephant chocolate

I finally found some places here in Montreal that sell these chocolate bars, although they don’t carry a ton of variety like the boutique does. All Mandy’s locations carries a few of these chocolate bars and so does Miko, a coffee shop in Hudson. Those are the only locations where I’ve spotted Compartes.

I’m sure once people start discovering these bad boys, then we will be able to see them in more places 🙂

They are my favourite and I get so excited over them because they also come in these really cool art boxes – which I collect because you know, I’m not going to throw away art! I love the whole concept behind these bars, Jonathan Grahm is a genius.