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As you all know, I’m a caffeine addict. I really enjoy visiting great coffee shops that aren’t your regular cup of Starbucks – ok ok…I do love myself a cup of Starbucks but you get what I’m saying right? Tommy opened up not too long ago and it’s become quite the popular coffee hang out spot due to it’s gorgeous interior decor. It reminds me of a “museum coffee shop”. The ceilings are sky high and have vines hanging from them.

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Can you guess where I was? TORONTO!!!
We decided to take a trip down to Toronto for Labor Day weekend. We have a few friends that live there and also wanted to go party at Cabana Pool Bar since we don’t have any rooftop pool parties in Montreal. It was a good excuse to get away and take a break from Montreal. When we arrived there was a scorching heat wave. We died all weekend but it was nice cause we felt like we were on vacation. I went down with my sister and her friend, but then we met up with my co-worker and her friends. It was nice cause whenever we would go out, we were a big group.
As soon as we arrived in Toronto, we obviously went for brunch! My sister’s friend insisted that we MUST go to Bar Buca to grab a quick bite. This was the cutest,tiniest resto I have ever been to. It was dark inside but the bar area was beautiful and they make the best Lattes EVER! Even their food was so tasty and they had exotic ingredients that they experiment with. One of the best brunch spots in the city that’s for sure!
On Sunday, we visited Portland Variety. This place was so perfectly decorated! perfect for those instagram-esk pictures. Although, their lattes were lacking, they make really yummy ricotta buttermilk pancakes! This place reminded me of the breakfast spots that they have in LA. A lot of their restaurants are built and decorated in that same way which I adored.
Saturday night, we went out for dinner at supper club Buonanotte and then stayed for bottle service afterwards. The food is definitely better than the Buonanotte located in Montreal. It felt so weird walking into a place that looks exactly like the Montreal version. It was a home away from home experience 😛
I finally got to try Milk Bar!!!! I was super stocked because I kept seeing this place on Instagram from people who live in NYC. I was so intrigued to try it myself. They only served 2 flavours in the Toronto one,so I opted for the classic flavour topped with cereal. It tastes exactly like Corn Flakes cereal with milk. They also served a few of the Milk classics such as their birthday cake truffles, compost cookies and their crack pie! We couldn’t contain ourselves, we bought one of each that way we can try them all. We even brought packs of the birthday cake truffles back home with us because they were that good!
SUNDAY FUNDAY was spent all day at Cabana Pool Bar. Cabana is a rooftop pool that has a small pool located all the way in the back, there are plenty of booths and cabana’s that you can rent out for the day. Our booth was located right by the Lakeside. It was such a beautiful view. We even got to go down to party with people on their boats because they invited us to hop on over from our booth. Although the crowd wasn’t the best, I feel like Montrealers are more wild when it comes to partying than people from Toronto, felt like we were the wildest table there! All in all Cabana was amazing, it’s a pricey place to party but totally worth it. We even got food served at our booth and it was delicious. If you follow me on Snapchat (TanyaKup) you would have been able to experience the madness through my videos.
Toronto is a perfect weekend get away. We all had an awesome weekend, until next time!
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Finally the pictures of my trip are up! Although, most of them were already on Instagram, be prepared to scroll down through a lot of pictures 😛 My sister and I decided to take a trip down to California to visit our family – we do so every once in w while, however, the last few times we had gone to Vegas, we were too tired to go down to visit. They reside in San Diego and Los Angeles which explains why we landed in SD and worked our way up to LA. We missed out of F1 weekend in Montreal this year BUT we did make it out on Thursday June 4th to Somwhr Liquor Lounge (My new fave spot) – we pulled an all nighter and went straight to the airport at 4:30am…not the brightest idea considering the fact that we got jet lagged later on but it was well worth the fun!
Above is a picture taken from Black’s Beach in San Diego. It’s a private beach (which also happens to be a nude beach- optional). Seeing that it’s a private beach, it was very calm and secluded, only nearby residents can visit this beach. On the other side of the pier is La Jolla Shores which is a fun local touristic beach with tons of activities to do.
Obviously when you’re on the West Coast, In-N-Out is a mandatory pit-stop! I LOVE their animal style sauce and all the rest of their secret menu options. I wish we had some on the East Coast 🙁
The beaches in San Diego are breathtaking! This one was taken at Caroline’s in La Jolla ,where we had lunch…talk about having lunch with a view
In Encinitas, San Diego right next to my aunt’s house. Decided to take a stroll after a day spent tanning by the pool.
Spent the day in Orange County and finally got my hands on some Pressed Juicery Freeze treats! They taste exactly like the drinks, only frozen. The taste takes some getting used to but if you love natural pressed juices then you will love this healthy treat.
After a long day spent at the Cabazon outlets, we decided to swing by Palm Springs because it was only minutes away. It was super windy and hot, exactly like the dessert duh! Palm Springs was such a beautiful place, I fell in love.
Another one of my favourite places is Melrose Ave. They have all the shops that I love including my all time favourite coffee shop Alfred Coffee! Known for their decorated coffee sleeves, this place is a hidden gem. Not to mention the chocolate shop located right next to them Compartes. I could have spent all afternoon over there, I was in heaven. Hands down one of the best coffee’s i’ve had so far.
A few of the Compartes Chocolates that I purchased…it was SO hard to choose, they all looked amazinggg!
We didn’t get the chance to take pictures but my sister and I did a bike ride from Santa Monica to Venice Beach. It takes about 20 minutes to get from place to place and it was totally worth it! Although it was cloudy that day (June Gloom), we still had fun visiting.
The first place I went to as soon as we landed in LA was….CALIFORNIA DONUTS!!!! I had added this place on my to-do list about a year ago and finally got around to going! Although not located in the best area, the donuts were amazinggg! so bright, colourful and fun, I could have bought every single donut.
Last but not least – Palm Springs Dessert around sun set time <3
It was so magical to stand in the middle of the open space and feel the hot wind blowing against your body – something about that moment felt so free and liberating.
Until next time Cali!
Pictures all taken with the Iphone*
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Vegas will always be a place that I return to yearly. There’s just so much to do besides partying and there is never enough time to do it all in one trip. Last month, I went for my best friend’s 25th birthday so we pretty much partied day and night. We Stayed at The Cosmopolitan, it was nearby everything not to forget to mention that it was a fabulous hotel. We also went to The Neon Museum which is an outdoor museum that consists of  vintage neon Vegas signs that belonged to hotels, restaurants, shows..etc. The museum preserves these signs and they light them up at night. It is definitely worth going to see. The restaurants in Vegas are pretty amazing as well. This year we went to Andrea’s at the Wynn, had brunch at The Wicked Spoon in the Cosmopolitan hotel and had dinner at the SW Steakhouse.
Until next time Vegas!









Sunglasses  Spitfire
Bathing suit  Victoria’s Secret
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