Denim Jacket Weather

5 posts in 1 week! I’ve been really busy with the blog lately. There are so many events and collaborations happening, I’m so excited to share with you guys. Ponyride was having their sample sale yesterday and Thursday, I picked out a few goodies from there that I’ll share with you today for my blog post.

Denim jackets are just about perfect for the indian summer we are currently experiencing here in Canada. I found this awesome one at the Ponyride Distribution office last week. Sure it’s too big for me, you can tell by the width of the shoulders that it’s oversized but that’s the look that I was going for. I might even add patches to this jacket. I bought a bunch of pins online, I can’t wait to receive them that way I can add them to this denim jacket to give in that 90’s look.IMG_5228
I’ve been attaching bandana’s everywhere lately. As scarves, on my bags, as a belt, onto my ankles, basically anywhere and everywhere. I like that it gives that cool 90’s look to it.
Denim Jacket: RES Denim from Ponyride| Bag: Call It Spring|T-shirt: Aritzia|Jeans: Zara|Sneakers: Stan Smith Adidas|Sunglasses: Quay Australia|Watch: Rosefield – The Mercer in silver
Photographed by Evelyne Moussallem