Can you guess where I was? TORONTO!!!
We decided to take a trip down to Toronto for Labor Day weekend. We have a few friends that live there and also wanted to go party at Cabana Pool Bar since we don’t have any rooftop pool parties in Montreal. It was a good excuse to get away and take a break from Montreal. When we arrived there was a scorching heat wave. We died all weekend but it was nice cause we felt like we were on vacation. I went down with my sister and her friend, but then we met up with my co-worker and her friends. It was nice cause whenever we would go out, we were a big group.
As soon as we arrived in Toronto, we obviously went for brunch! My sister’s friend insisted that we MUST go to Bar Buca to grab a quick bite. This was the cutest,tiniest resto I have ever been to. It was dark inside but the bar area was beautiful and they make the best Lattes EVER! Even their food was so tasty and they had exotic ingredients that they experiment with. One of the best brunch spots in the city that’s for sure!
On Sunday, we visited Portland Variety. This place was so perfectly decorated! perfect for those instagram-esk pictures. Although, their lattes were lacking, they make really yummy ricotta buttermilk pancakes! This place reminded me of the breakfast spots that they have in LA. A lot of their restaurants are built and decorated in that same way which I adored.
Saturday night, we went out for dinner at supper club Buonanotte and then stayed for bottle service afterwards. The food is definitely better than the Buonanotte located in Montreal. It felt so weird walking into a place that looks exactly like the Montreal version. It was a home away from home experience 😛
I finally got to try Milk Bar!!!! I was super stocked because I kept seeing this place on Instagram from people who live in NYC. I was so intrigued to try it myself. They only served 2 flavours in the Toronto one,so I opted for the classic flavour topped with cereal. It tastes exactly like Corn Flakes cereal with milk. They also served a few of the Milk classics such as their birthday cake truffles, compost cookies and their crack pie! We couldn’t contain ourselves, we bought one of each that way we can try them all. We even brought packs of the birthday cake truffles back home with us because they were that good!
SUNDAY FUNDAY was spent all day at Cabana Pool Bar. Cabana is a rooftop pool that has a small pool located all the way in the back, there are plenty of booths and cabana’s that you can rent out for the day. Our booth was located right by the Lakeside. It was such a beautiful view. We even got to go down to party with people on their boats because they invited us to hop on over from our booth. Although the crowd wasn’t the best, I feel like Montrealers are more wild when it comes to partying than people from Toronto, felt like we were the wildest table there! All in all Cabana was amazing, it’s a pricey place to party but totally worth it. We even got food served at our booth and it was delicious. If you follow me on Snapchat (TanyaKup) you would have been able to experience the madness through my videos.
Toronto is a perfect weekend get away. We all had an awesome weekend, until next time!